Monday, August 4, 2014

Details to Liz's college trip

Mom and I had fun on our little trek to go take Elizabeth to her dorms. She's on the 2nd floor and I'm SO grateful it wasn't on the THIRD floor or I would have cried. There are no elevators in that apartment and you saw the amount of stuff in our car. I mean, really? WOW!

She called ONE friend to come help, however, turns out it was a very beefy boy who hauled up a LOT of stuff and I cheated by chucking clothing to her on the 2nd floor. Even her friend said it was impressive. I have encouraged her to "bag" her clothes while on the hanger, and boy does that come in handy for shot-put moves! I grabbed by the hanger, swung it a few times and heaved it to her on the floor - hit her and the railing every time. It was the LAST bag that didn't go so well. Why, do you as? Because it was a tiny bag - I almost tossed it straight up, but Lizzie did a stretch and caught it with ONE finger. Good girl!! I did have images of her clothing that was bagged from drawers (aka undies and bra's) floating down over the whole common area if she snagged THAT one with a single finger and ripped it open - hahahaha! In the end, mom and I managed to only have to take about 3 trips UP the stairs!

I have been cheating for these college years by sending her to school with fleece sheets - those things are wonderful when it comes to STRETCH! These are twin sheets that are now on a double bed and have also stretched to fit extra-long twins. They are AWESOME! I had her try them before we headed out to Wal-Mart - the ONLY place in town to shop, it would appear!! It was PACKED. We needed to pick up two garbage can for the bath and the kitchen (the LAST two room sized ones on the shelves, so we took them) a Swiffer mop for her kitchen and bath, and some cables for her gaming system. I asked if she had her cable "cable" and she wasn't sure but 80% positive - turns out she didn't have it. Whoops! Oh, well, she has movies on DVD and games to occupy what time she has between training. We also picked up some frozen veggies and fruits and veggies as they will only feed them while they train - so no weekends and one other day next week will be an "unfed" day. She's set. She has taquitos and if she can find an operational stove in another building (hers was under construction still) she also has some chicken breast filled with broccoli to eat (non-microwavable).

When we got all her stuff into her apartment, we headed to Fuzzies Taco Shop for an early dinner. We left her in a "dump and run" and left her at her dorm to settle in. Kidding, we took final pictures, hugged and then headed home.

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