Monday, August 18, 2014

Car Delivery Services with Adventures

It all started out innocently enough; a drive to Statesboro to drop off the car to Liz.
We were about half way there and my morning coffee caught up to me and I had to go to the bathroom. It didn't help that the car is ROUGH on the roads as it's a tiny car with low profile tires and a short wheel base... so I was getting the jarred to death on concrete roadways!

So, I phoned Butch - who was leading and told him the next stop, pull off... so he did - to a place with NO services. He decided to keep on driving off the main drag. What the???? No services get BACK on the freeway - duh! Having to pee didn't help my outlook on this matter... so he continues to zip on down the road towards a "town"... which is just a wide spot in the road and chooses to go a different way back to the freeway.

I still haven't found a place to pull over and I'm looking longingly at the bushes on the side of the road by now... sigh. So, we truck on - heading the general direction of the coast and I'm pretty sure shadowing the freeway along the way... and finally stumble across a cute little restaurant/gas station/convenience store in the middle of no-where. They were nice and the potty was clean. Mission accomplished!

Back on the road we go. Now, keep in mind the man sat in his car the whole time I was inside and was on his phone, so I assumed he was getting directions to the freeway... as he takes me down another "alternate" road towards Vidalia (still considered "on the way"). Ok, I'm thinking he REALLY has his GPS on... nope (and it was MY car, so I know there is one in there!!) So I turned mine on with the phone and get the instructions and he passes all the turns. Now, I'll grant you all the turns were dirt roads... and as we're driving we're getting farther and farther into banjo territory.... the final straw came when he came to another dirt road and turned around in a U turn and I met him on the road and ASKED him what he's doing... he admitted he had NO service on his phone and was guessing... hello??? *I* had service and I told him to TAKE the dirt road we had just passed - it was the way home... so he relented and went that way... and there was definite banjo music by one house... very hill-billy looking home with washer on the unpainted front porch and metal roof... oh, yeah, we're in for it now.... Down the dirt road for 3 miles. I saw a HUGE rat run across the road in front of me... it was BIG! I just chuckled and drove on.

We finally made it to Statesboro none the worse for wear. As Liz would quip "Adventure!"

The car is with Lizzie and she's thrilled to have it available to her as her foot still gets sore after a lot of use - she's going to play heck building it back up to full strength.

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