Friday, April 11, 2014

New digs at work.

We moved to building 988 sometime in or around October 2011. I posted a picture on Facebook about the fact I had a window behind me. I could tell the weather without having to go to a door for the fiat time in 15 years if working.

Today I moved and have another first. I have moved to an office with a door. Yes, for the fist time in 18 years of working have a door. Weird.

So I have moved out of my old office cubicle:

(No comments about the dirt ring- our cleaning staff is minimal and not effective. Mine looks better than some!)

And left my wonderful view of trees and squirrels:

And moved to my new cubicle:
What's shocking is that I really don't have that more room.

Different configuration and no open shelves:

However I have gained a visitors area and table.

Different for sure.

I need to move the white board over and change it out for the "extra" one I have hanging there now.

I have to admit I chucked a lot if stuff in drawers just to be "done". I'll organize it better next week once I can see how the flow will work for me.

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