Saturday, April 12, 2014

Determined birds!!
Note the snake does NOT deter doves. Now I LOVE doves and would encourage them to bed down in the arbor. I just have to draw the line at the porch!! I love my porch sitting more than I love doves!

No babies so eviction is still possible.

Speaking if the arbor. LOOK at the "new" wisteria!! It's going to be beautiful!

The mature side:

Whole arbor.

Have I mentioned how GLAD I am that it's spring?? I go through picking weeds and having chats with the plants poking their heads out again :)

Next up this weekend is transplanting Iris. I'm going to place them all along the back of the rounded corner in the wall. I think that will be pretty.

And since this didn't post yet
Momma in the nest

Daddy standing on moms head to put more sticks in place

Poor mom just keeps ducking!!

The nest upon removal.

I do feel bad evicting them however as I said, I love my porch more. I don't want to have to clean poop until babies are hatched and out on their own!!

Kills me because I love doves. I'll go look for dove boxed today at Lowes to make up for the eviction!

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