Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cancer Awareness

Saturday I went to a cancer study that I had signed up for in the summer... a LONG time back, however I was feeling that I should give back to the world in some way at that point and mom had spotted this blurb in the paper about a cancer study. She couldn't participate due to age - they wanted people in the study for long term - still not sure what that REALLY means as it was never really spelled out in years.

Fast forward to Tuesday; I get a phone call asking me to come back for a follow-up mammogram and ultrasound with the local Imaging Center. Ok, this isn't THAT shocking as I have had one aspiration and multiple checks on the left since 2007. It was funny because when I called to set up a routine mammogram they ask when my last one was and I said a year ago in July ... she looks and looks and looks and states, no, the last one you had was in 2007. She came back on the line with an "oh, wait, I see, you have had diagnostics every year since then." Yep, that's me and my very loved and examined left breast. Sigh.

I go in and they have changed their approach, there is no more draping of the teeny tiny top. No sir, now you go in with bare breasts and let's face it gals, there is no modesty in those teeny tiny tops anyway... they are a joke to modesty!

I finally had a "normal" mammogram, no ultrasounds, no extra decorated BB dots on odd spots of my breast that when pressed with that vise grip leaves divots that last a full day. Those same said BB's that I tease the technicians that if they squeeze ANY harder will shoot across the room and take an eye out and I can't be held responsible for that! While we're on the topic of those BB-Band-Aids - who in their right mind thought they should be decorated with flowers... I laughed and told Butch one day I was going to wear those bad boys home to him - hahahaha. I'm sure he would really appreciate the little flowers more than I do.

Anyway, I digress. I got the call on Tuesday for a follow up and the message was a little garbled and asking me for follow up and right. Ok, that can't be right. The left has known issues that are always getting more and more attention. So, I have Angela listen to the message and ask her, "did she say "RIGHT"?" To which the child was mortified... but with a 14 year old having boobs now, this is the perfect time to discuss self-exams, etc.. Then I start feeling my boobs and muttering "right?" Hum... I don't feel a thing. She walked out shaking her head - poor child will be scared for life with the things she sees/hears around me, I'm sure!

So... the exam is set (27th), the Right shall join the team of "problem children" and we'll see how this one plays out as I still can't find the "issue"... watch, I'm going to go in, they'll try to find where this mystery spot is on the right and find they mismarked stuff and it IS the left!! Ha!

Until then I'll continue to look like I have a boob fetish and randomly feel around my right breast for this mystery lump/bump/issue - ha!

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