Wednesday, July 17, 2013

first pay period with furlough

Now keep in mind this is with ONE day off my pay.

DANG I get paid well for 8 hours of work, eh?

So – looks as though the calculators will be right on the money (no pun intended) and I’ll see about a $300 pay difference due to the furlough.


Good thing we’re not strapped and living paycheck to paycheck.  For that I’m truly grateful.  I’m also grateful that we have two incomes and only have utilities to contend with.  Those we can deal with.


Discussions today are centered on community service today and furlough.

60,000 a week are being furloughed.  Now that’s JUST in my town.  Think about those hours being put to community service in all communities with furloughed people… what a difference that would make, eh?  Hum… I guess I will think harder on that.  I do have goals for my time for the first week or two of furlough – week one was a success of drinkin’ and floatin’ in the pool… check – that was done!  This week is a trip to the mountains – check – packed and ready to GO.  Week Three I have plans to clean out my scrapbook room a bit more and get the Dubai book done and start on the Europe one for Liz (and one for me too).  So… that leaves about 9 more weeks to really think about community service. 

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