Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adventures in water

I just had an epiphany.
I'm going to go white water rafting with friends this weekend - and I
have not done ANYTHING like this for 30 YEARS. Yes, YEARS.
What am I thinking?

The plan is - go to the mountains, stay in a cabin with friends. We're
going to go horseback riding, zip lining and rafting. What am I
thinking?? I am thinking I want to go and have fun!! I did go riding
in Alaska and really did enjoy it, my butt bone was a bit sore
afterwards - who would have thought with THIS much padding, I would have
a boney butt? NOT me. Oh, well, I'm looking forward to a nice ride in
the mountains with the girls. It will be a change from the ride in
Alaska where the ground was very rough and roots everywhere.

The zip line issue...well, we'll wait and see what I really feel about
that. I didn't do it in Utah - but this one is very different where you
are right next to the cable, not 6 - 10' below the cable. You have a
brake if you feel you are going too fast - as if... I didn't use it much
on the alpine slide and it had curves. This is a straight shot, not
thinking I'll want to slow down, but you never know!

White water should be OK as we'll have a guide and it won't be in a
canoe. Can't be as bad as the trip I took with mom in the 80's, right?

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Anonymous said...

Have fun, you gutsy girl you. :-)
----love Aunt T.