Sunday, June 2, 2013

THE table

Cost $59.99
Labor extensive!!

It was MEANT to be.. It fit in my car!!!

Ok, it needs a LOT if TLC but its STURDY. Note the cross braces in the first pictures? Yeah, sturdy!

I learned how to take watermarks out of a table. It's much improved if not 99% gone!

Only one true "bad" spot on it where the veneer is down to bare wood, but if push came to shove we could strip the whole top to bare wood.

It FITS. This is after having to flip it and remove the slides for some serious sanding work!

And with chairs

And in the "normal" mode. Elizabeth approves. The. Again she was helping me with the slides too ;)

Now for Butch to see it. He was out if town for the whole process. (Mostly because I KNEW he would say no - he LOVES our old table!)

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Where is the old table?