Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a wet dreary day

And cold too. Burrr ok not as cold as my siblings in Utah but cold fir here. Just under 60 degrees at 9am. I am wrapped in a blanket with coffee and a Danish on the back porch. Think I'll go inside and back to bed. The water sounds out here are making me sleepy!!

I tried to upload a video from phone so you could hear and see this, however YouTube isn't playing nice :(

There is a constant drizzling rain that is running down the roof and into the gutters making a very nice burbling sound. Ahhhh rain and a nice place to curl up and listen to it ;)

All this rain does mean my table project is put off for yet another weekend. However I am not unhappy i spent last weekend in the sun working on that "last" flower bed.

In truth I still need to mulch behind the wall too, however that requires no digging or real prep. It's simply a matter of getting many bags of mulch and putting them where they need to be. Well that and possibly laying down some paper bags prior.. Not the work that putting a mini retaining wall and pebbles takes so I'm grateful!

Next major project will be a patio on the upper level and a built in stone fire pit. Possibly crush stone or pavers around that.

Oh and even with it raining I have seen a few doves, lots of finches and a male cardinal at the bird feeder this morning. Love my back yard!!

Maybe I'll talk Butch into hanging my porch curtains today since there's not a lot else to do?

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