Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finishing up the yard work...

But first a visit from our little friends in the neighborhood - there are two of these guys chasing each other around (which makes me thing it's not really two guys after all)
They have discovered the bird seed...

 I finally did go out and shoo them away, but they are just so cute!!
On the yard.  I didn't take a before, however, when taking my "pool's open" pictures as seen here:
it was taken from the yard overlooking this corner... the forgotten corner... until this weekend.
I didn't even let the girls off the hook on this one, I made them come out and put it all together with me.  The good thing?  I discovered better edging stones.  I found TALLER ones so I had to only buy 25 instead of 50.  Still it was 6 bags of pea gravel, 8 bags of mulch (I bought that Sunday after recuperating for the night!). 
Georgia Clay is like concrete .. so we actually had to soak the ground to dig any of the holes - I sure hope having the mulch on there will help the poor verbena spread out.  I now have a total mix of colors, but I think I'll be happy with it - this side is all purples.  I originally started out with red.  I have not seen red since that season.  :(  I then found some rescue pinks - they all perked up quite well and have really done well.  So - now we have purple on this side.
 AND this morning on the very corner of both sides there is now a nice clump of society garlic.  Thanks Sally for sending it home with Butch.  I didn't even have to have him dig the hole on either side.  I got them in the ground, watered and will watch them flourish, I'm sure!!

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