Monday, September 10, 2012

Projects and plans

Time to show you whats on my agenda. First up:

Recognize this table family? Yes it's mom and dads the rail is broken so in considering removing the rails and tiling the top and painting the bottom.
Next up:

This is my $15 chair from Salvation Army. Dad cut put a new board for the back. Now to pull off the seat and the back, sand it a bit, re-seal it and put a fun color on it with better padding.
Next up:

HUGE frame street find (yep picked the garbage!). Considered making a BIG bulletin board. Have some cork board from another thrift shop run... Still debating.
Next up:

Street find (yep garbage again) it needed some TLC and some glue with clamps. That was ax imploded. (Hum wonder what that sentence was to be? Cell phone auto correct did me wrong!) Now to paint or just shine it up and sell it? Hum...Tempted to tile the top and use it for plants.
Next up:

A donation from my MIL. still debating what I'm doing with it.
Next up:

My nifty $5 find today a folding rolling cart. I can see this in a bright cheery yellow!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Donna. It looks like you took these things from my house! I love them as they are! Haha! I wish you could update me too!
Love aunt t

Linda Liebhardt said...

Use caution on the type of paint you use on the rolling cart trays. Only certain kinds will adhere well to surfaces like that. That is dang cute! And I miss that old round table. Not enough to ask for it back, however. Paint? Really? It's solid MAPLE, Donna!!

Donna said...

Aunt T you see Linda's giving me flack for paint! Ha. Brown on brown for timing the top may not be too swift hum?

Gail said...

You have some great garbage finds! And I love the rolling cart- don't forget to show the "after" photos, please!