Sunday, August 26, 2012

What was left off of yesterday's post

What we left off yesterday's post was:

Dad has trouble getting IVs from all the scaring on his arms from the grafts for his thumb in the 60's so they've blown more than a few veins. The site he's had for a while was getting quite sore so they tries to get liquids through the neck one he received when he went to ICU. Well it's what they call positional as its easily cut off by, you guessed it, position. So, although it works for meds it wouldn't work for an IV. They tried for another site (twice) and it was a no-go... Then I talked to Damian (MD) and he suggested if dads drinking well we could convince them to loose the IV. Because he's still on the heart monitor they have to have IV access "just in case" so I pointed out the neck works just not for IV so why not just leave it and "see how he does" as his sore site won't be reused anyway and they stuck him twice in the left side without success. They're really no worse off at this point... So quit sticking him an see if he's getting enough liquids by mouth. They agrees and we're off the IV.

Damian also suggested he could be getting too much liquid this way if he's getting it orally and it could be what was causing the labored breathing as well. So one less insult.

In addition to that we mentioned the blood (just specs, don't worry) in his coughing and the doc asked how he was doing in oxygen. He's been at 100%. In addition Damian had said there was no real reason for oxygen at this time and it was low volume as well. I didn't even bring that up to the doc but SHE suggested he get off oxygen and see how he does.

The good thing in that is speech clears right up so I can tell its simple extreme dry mouth/throat causing a lot of that issue.

So less insults to Injury and he's feeling more like a free man. You can see it in his reactions. Treat him like a well man and he becomes a well man.

I'm thinking we're past the worst of this and really feeling that Monday he will be moved to rehab.


gomikie said...

Nice having a doctor in the family. Like your thought that treating a man like he's well makes him feel well.

Linda Liebhardt said...

Damian Liebhardt, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). FYI. In our humble opinion, it's waaaay better than an MD any day.