Monday, August 27, 2012

More on what's been seen

Someone suggested we document what's been seen today.
So you know that he had visions of walking the halls and being kidnapped by someone last night. He told mom this morning he would point out the SOB...

By the time I got there the nurses came in to bathe him, so we stepped out and he was less on the kidnapping and more on tying to call mom...even though she was right there in the room in front of him. He finally settled into the bed and started batting at things in front of him and insisting there were webs on his tissues. The he was paddling at the ball infringing of him towards the TV.  There was also an episode where I was sitting at his head and he was looking towards the entrance to the room asking if we could see the lady in the yellow dress??  Uh, no.. No one was there.  Then the lady was drawing on the wall with black markers or marks. He asked a few times about her.. But at least she was pleasant and no one he knew that was already dead talking with him...that would have pushed mom over the edge.  Mom and I really thought he was loosing it. 

We talked to his internist who said it could be an infection and the neurologist also said the same thing...all the time the nurses had the knowledge of him having an Ambien and talking smack last night.  Sigh. Lack of communication.  

AFTER we talked to the nurse who finally talked to us about the Ambien and bad he had been to physical therapy and was wore out. So when did the cardiologist choose to show?  Yep then.

He was NOT amiable to the hole fix, he was not amiable to much....and with the insult of that drug was no longer eating either...  Sigh. We finally let it go and he finally drank the ensure before I left.
After all the discoveries of drugs and half lifes of Ambien this could be 49 hours to be out of his system fully. Lesson learned NO Ambien.

Anyway...after the discovery of Ambien the actions of reaching for webs from the ceiling and complaints of lint all over the bed frame were now funny rather than concerning ;). What a difference a little information makes, eh??

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