Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!

Our spring break was a departure for us.  We headed to the COLD instead of the warmth!  We went to Utah - and our first event?  Lunch at Del Taco with Robert!  Would you believe that my kids have NEVER been to Del Taco?  Well, they can say that no more!
 Well, not really our FIRST stop.  I made the girls go to the scrapbook expo with me for a few minutes while Mom and Robert went off to do some work at the Family History Center.
 They then got to go to the house and play some volley ball in the garage with Cousin Sarah and visit with everyone!
Sarah and Kelson (Big Eric's and Britany's son - so cute!)
and Caroline (Gail's Daughter - two years younger than Angela)
 Great Grandma and Grandma with Kelson... he really does smile a LOT until he sees the camera - then he is enthralled and the jaw drops - funny!
 This is the type of view I miss from Utah!
Ah, a little bit of that smile :o)
Seth dropped by with a very worn our Johnathan - we didn't pose him for this... this is how he was sleeping  too funny!
 Nick came up to visit with us and play games as well - it was nice to see him!

 Mom wanted to go to BYU to see the Carl Block exhibit in the museum there.  it was really a nice exhibit.  There were a few more downstairs as well - small Mormon towns by a photographer in the 40's and 50's.  Things really haven't changed a lot since then in some of those small towns and small town life in general.  There was also one called "Wide Open Spaces" my favorite was a vista with rain showers out in the far distance of a prairie.  Another was war posters - from the 30's to now.  Interesting... and THIS is what we saw as we were leaving... it's the exhibit to come... and it's RIGHT up Liz's alley - that is a HUGE square of books, lots and LOTS of books!!
We also took a tour of BYU and it started to SNOW - burr - glad it was in a golf cart, but there was a snap undone in the front and the snow was blowing in on Mom.  When the tour was ending, I casually mentioned it would be NICE if we didn't have to walk all the way back to the car - and the nice student guide gave us a lift right to it's door :o)  I'm no dummy!  ha!

Now for the REAL reason I was here, we headed North to Hill AFB, where I was schedule in meetings on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Since Butch was working CRAZY hours here, I didn't want to leave the kids at home, so I asked if they would like to go visit Utah in the snow... They're ALWAYS asking to go back in the winter so they can play in the snow, so I jumped at the chance to bring them with me.  One less ticket to purchase to get us all there and I would just have to work two day and take one day of leave (travel days took care of the other two work days!).  Can't beat that!

We got to visit our old stomping grounds.  Liz got to see lots of places from HER childhood.
 She even remembered this park and insisted on getting out and playing. 
Angela was just coming down with a cold, so opted to stay in the car - no memories for Angela, but WE remember her playing here as well... and eating watermelon in that very park :o)

 I was a horrible person and spent all my time visiting and not getting pictures of my travels along the way between Provo and Layton - I stopped in to visit with my college friend who lives in Alpine - Diane.  I was able to meet her kids - she has 4 - oldest is 16, youngest is a year younger than Angela.  I think the last time I saw her was way back when Angela was 1 or 2, right before we moved here and our mutual friend Wendy moved overseas.  It's been a while, for sure!  It was nice to meet up with her and catch up for an evening.

I also neglected to get pictures of our nice dinner and visit with Sue, Mark and "brother" Zack - it was so good to see them again and catch up over dinner in Layton.  It was a bit shocking to see eye to eye with Zack!

Onward and southward to Cedar to visit with Linda and company on Thursday - Mom created a monster - she taught Angela how to play chopsticks on the piano :o)  She had a great time playing it over and over and over... you get the drift - ha! 
 Linda shared pictures of Katie's newest baby Corbin - she had just gotten back the day prior from helping Katie at her house with the two boys (Hayden and Corbin - cute, eh?)  With Gail and Johnathan - much more awake now! (see Linda's blog about her voracious couch that they're sitting on!)
Friday was ski day - Liz didn't appreciate the photo's I was taking !
SHE was the one who wanted to learn how to ski, so I got them both ski lessons for the day!
 out on the slopes... dressed for COLD..
Ski's on and nowhere to go!  Where IS that instructor??
Now, I'm NOT that horrible of a mother, I just took the prep pictures as they were WAY down the hill when they were learning, so I only got the "beginning" shots thinking I would get the rest (see Angela's pictures) at the end of the day... when they were more steady on their feet.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  Liz decided it wasn't her cup of tea at all. 

 Angela with ski's on and instructors leading them to the first small hill
 And off she goes - note that the instructor is at the TOP of the hill?
 Yep - NO brakes - she just kept on going!
The instructor did come down there and get her and to her defence, she didn't fall.  Liz did the very same thing - just zipped right past the instructor down the hill and they had no clue that she had even gone by them.  Lovely, eh?  Mom and I went to the Lodge to chill for a bit and for a drive up the rest of the mountain  really nothing else up there but condos and lifts... and MORE snow!

 Angela after her lessons - they turned her loose to go on her own for a few more runs... note that the jacket is GONE?  It was true spring skiing it was a nice WARM day on the slopes.
 Angela is with a little friend going to get the next lift seat!
 And they're off with a wave to us!

yes, this is what it looks like it is.. Liz on the emergency sled on the slopes... the good news?  It Was April Fools day - so we had to take a picture of her on the sled and spin the story to Butch.  He fell for it hook line and sinker.  Told all his co-workers how Liz got hurt.  SHE even played it up on a phone call with him later that evening...
 then she waited until the END of the conversation to say, "oh, yeah, and Dad?  It's April Fools day!"  ha!
Saturday was spent visiting and playing around with NO pictures - however a nice walk around the campus to show her around and to see all the new things myself.  Their new pool/gym complex is HUGE!!

The girls took off in the afternoon with Nick to go hiking in Zions - I'll see if I can't get some pictures from him from their adventures hiking.

Sunday - we woke to SNOW!!!  Yep, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute - it will change. 
Welcome to Utah in the spring!
Yes, those are jammies!  She just HAD to get into the snow... 
 Rolling part of her snowman... if you look close there is a ton of cottonwood goobers in it - yeck!
 Caroline came in.. but she wasn't willing to play in the snow... she LIVES it.
  The end result was really cute!  Greenbean smile, carrot nose and cotton wood "worm" eyes :o)
Breakfast with Linda, Caroline, Mike, Liz, Me, Mom, Angela and Nick
THIS is what Liz thought of the snow... she didn't even go into it...
Until her Aunt zinged snowballs at her over the car!
The snow covered trees on the drive north. There were times we were driving through snow...
but the after effect is so pretty, it was worth it :o)

We met up with Robert at his house to return his very generously loaned car... and headed to the airport
Where it was SNOWING... and snowing and snowing.
So much so that we were delayed 15 minutes from "push back"
then waited 15 more minutes to be "de-iced" as well.
When we hit the end of the runway - Angela said "Theres a FOX by the runway"
first thoughts?  No WAY! 
Second?  Wow she had GOOD eyes as it wasn't on the tarmac when she spotted it, it had been in the field.
It was limping with a bum front leg, so I hope he made it well past the jet was before we took off as it wandered to the end of the plane just as we were taking off...  Poor thing!
THIS is something you don't see every day in Atlanta.
consdier also that it WAS midnight... on a Sunday night...
But still you don't expect to see an almost EMPTY board!
And we're home, safe and sound and WORN out!


Kirk said...

Looks like a great time. Did you know that the kids and I almost joined you at Linda's for the weekend? Too much going on here and so we had to cancel. Glad you guys had fun!

Kirk said...

And once again I'm signed in as Kirk. This is Suz.