Monday, April 11, 2011

I have holes in my head!

I now have 4 more holes in my head (body to be more exact)  L
My ear has a “notch” out of it…maybe I’m being marked like cattle?  The dermatologist's statement was that he didn’t like what it looked like – then he went back in my chart and it’s been two years… yes, YEARS since I had it burned off originally… sigh.
My poor ear…
But while there, I had him remove three of my “bumps” that bug me… one on my chin (been there for YEARS), one on my neck (new comer) and one on my arm (again, been there for years!)… the one on my leg (new comer) and side (not so new, not so old) will have to wait to the next visit as they won’t do more than x amount a visit…can you say “Cha-CHING”?  Yeah, another ploy to get more money from me, I’m sure!  Oh, well – Thanks insurances companies!

So.. two more weeks, I go back, get the results on the ear and get the other two removed.  Fun, fun, fun.

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