Thursday, April 28, 2011

The offender(s)

In some ways it doesn't look any worse that just having a biopsy done..

Then you get the side view and note there is a bulge to it... but still you wonder if it's not just the biopsy doing this.

Nope, it's not... it's just a whacked out ear.  I'm thinking that they'll take that whole red area, then another 1/4 inch above and below - I have NO idea how they will fix it, but from diagrams, I think it best NOT to think where they are going to get the skin to cover the gap, thank you very much!

The neck.. this is the strangest one... it looked like this before the biopsy with the slight exception of what looked to be an ingrown hair... so I figured I would just have it removed before it became a cyst like the other two spots I had removed had done (chin and arm)... yeah, good in theory - the skin looked pretty much the same as it does right this second...

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Linda Liebhardt said...

More hair pictures, please. Yes, I was morbidly curious about your ear, etc. But I want to see your new do now that it's in YOUR hands.