Monday, April 25, 2011

The Little C

Why is the word cancer so wrought with fear and concerns.
Today was the results from my biopsy for my ear (aka – holes in my body post)… and it came back as Basal Cell Carcinoma.  I’m met with a lot of sympathy, but I guess of all the cancers, this is the one to have – slow moving – doesn’t spread.  What could be better, I mean if I MUST have it?  Better than the Melanoma since this is the red-headed-step child of cancers.
I can live with that… quite literally as I commented that I had been in last year and was corrected that it had been 2 years.  I guess that’s fairly fast in growth in my book.  2 years ago it was “pre” cancer.. This year it IS cancer.  Crap.
So… I had 4 spots removed.  Chin (non), Ear ©, Neck ©, Arm (non)  So.. I’m at the 50% mark now.  I had one frozen off today and one removed… let’s hope that this one does not go to 50/50 as that part that was taken in for exam (back) doesn’t ever see the sun.  If that one is cancer, I’m sunk!
So… there it is folks, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’ll have a kid take a before picture of my ear… right now it still has the scab from the biopsy… but we’ll still get that one out here posted.

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Suzanne said...

It's been forever since I've been on our blog, therefore haven't read yours. Wow! You've had a lot going on. Glad the ear is all taken care of. I have to say I loved the pictures of the surgery. I love that stuff! And I LOVE your hair!!!! It looks soooooooooo good on you! Best hairstyle yet, I dare say. :)
FYI, I'm having a biopsy done on my esophagus on the 18th. Chances are good that it's not cancer, but that C word is pretty scary. Sucks to get older! :)