Sunday, January 30, 2011

• Kitchen
     • Tile in the kitchen backsplash
     • Paint the kitchen (ok, these have to go in order – tile first – THEN paint
• Master bathroom
     • Paint the ceiling with the new ceiling paint I just purchased
     • Paint the walls to match the brown in the potty room.
• Have the living room painted (by someone else)
     • I would LOVE to get some crown molding put up at the same time….
• Trees:
• Call the dentist
• Install screen door
• Paint the front door frame
• Sprinklers:
     • Find the sprinkler box UNDER the ground from when the wall was put in a year ago…
     • Get the new sprinklers laid
     • Borrow the trencher and put the new sprinklers

The list is shrinking... slowly, but it's shrinking... and what did I do this weekend?  NOTHING!!

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