Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals revisited....

• Kitchen
     • Tile in the kitchen backsplash
     • Paint the kitchen (ok, these have to go in order – tile first – THEN paint)
     **not done, not started, not even thought about… sad, but truth in advertising.
• Master bathroom
     • Paint the ceiling with the new ceiling paint I just purchased
     • Paint the walls to match the brown in the potty room. 
     **not done, started, but just not done… the first coat of the spackle fix stuff had to dry to convince me that it wouldn’t look so horrible… now I need to be convinced to paint the entire ceiling in there… GAG
• Have the living room painted (by someone else)
     • I would LOVE to get some crown molding put up at the same time….
     **not done, not started, not even thought about
• Trees:
     • Tree farm. I have to make it to the tree farm as well to order trees for the backyard.
     • Call our general contractor that I love (Steve – the one who did my wall, the arbor, etc)… to see how much he would charge to come and auger the holes for the trees
** DONE** – well, sorta done… hear me out, I didn’t go this route… after going to the now defunct tree farm, looking around, calling around and having folks tell me that FIFTY trees aren’t enough to be considered “bulk buying” (hello?) I gave up to some extent on the “do it yourself mode. I called a local tree guy (well, not so local, but close) and had the whole neighborhood (will, 4 families and 16 trees) involved in getting some LARGE pines removed… so that part was done in prep to put in the screening trees. I’m on my way; I have them “ordered” and contracted to be installed… Need to call him tomorrow about time frame.
• Call the dentist… I need to have a tooth worked on
     **DONE and the good news? It didn’t need a crown. It will need one in time.. However with no cavity, nothing wrong but a crack, we’ll let it ride until something goes south and we HAVE to crown that bad boy!
• Install screen door
     **not done, not started, thought about it, but I suck!
• Paint the front door frame
     **not done too COLD to think about it
• Sprinklers:
     • Find the sprinkler box UNDER the ground from when the wall was put in a year ago…
     • Get the new sprinklers laid
     • Borrow the trencher and put the new sprinklers
     **not done I did borrow a metal detector; however it’s a “toy” one… I’m going to borrow one of Bob’s heavy duty ones from work and see if that will do the trick a bit better… and to add insult to injury? Butch lost his CUSTOM wedding ring in the yard somewhere… lovely – maybe we can find it with the metal detector? If not, he’s out of options for rings now… I quit – this is #2 that he’s lost – the first had diamonds in it… it’s gone. I replaced it with a custom job with waves, just for his Scuba soul… and the pea picker lost it… so I warned him on the last one, he’s down to clearance rings now… I have two from Target that I’ll dole out over time… both less than $25 plus the cost of sizing… I can deal with him loosing those… now watch he’ll keep those for YEARS to come, won’t he? Bless his pea brain.


Linda Liebhardt said...

You're very brave to put your goals out there for all the world to see. We should all be so ambitious.

Suzanne said...

Ditto to Linda. I won't do that. All it would do is depress me when I don't get things done. :-)

Donna said...

They've been out here before... Making progress - slowly but progress!!!!