Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back on THE House track

Ok, the internal argument has been going on for a week now… do I call the inspection company back?  Do I pursue investing in a 100 year old home?  Am I out of my mind to think I can rent a home out for weddings and make a profit in a decent amount of time so as to not go broke in the process?  Am I nuts?  I mean, really, really NUTS?

Do I really WANT to go into business for myself – even if it would be part time?  Do I want to strap myself financially and time wise?  Am I REALLY NUTS?

So… I called the inspection company one more time… I had called them right before Christmas.  They did let me know that a person had it inspected in May of 2010.  That person did not purchase the house.  Why?  Who knows?  He moved to Macon.  Location?  Too much expense to fix this place up compared to something in Macon?  Hard to know, I’m sure that I want to find out…  So.  I’m down to cutting deals with the inspection folks if the prior inspection won’t be released to me.  Shoot, I would be willing to pay the other guy ½ of the cost for the original inspection…. Otherwise, it will be a whole new inspection.  Sigh.

Am I really, really nuts?  Yep, I think I am.


Suzanne said...

So, you wouldn't move into that house? It would be a business deal?

Donna said...

Yes it was to be a wedding house... not a home to live in... not at this point - it's in the wrong school district - believe it or not - just 5 miles away.