Sunday, August 6, 2017

So that cyst....

The one I had biopsies over a week ago? Yeah, Liz put a water proof bandaid on it Saturday so I could finally get in the pool - it was sunny!! I didn't want to get sunscreen on the stitches.

I did my thing, blew off the deck, floated in the pool, brushed down the pool, general, outside stuff for the day. I then went in at dinner and Liz removed the bandaid to let everything breathe again and noted discharge. WTH!? So, being the non-grossed out person she is she squeezed it a bit. All I heard was , ewh and OMG and lots of paper towels were used. Suffice to say the although they didn't drain this thing at the clinic, apparently the core they took weakened the wall and it finally weakened enough and ruptured and contents were released. Yuckie!

Liz worked on it for 1/2 hour then added hydrogen peroxide and bandaged me back up. Overnight we had MORE drainage and it looks like someone stabbed me in the back! So, stitch removal may not go as planned on the 9th!

Oh well, I no longer look like Quasimodo. Ha! (It wasn't that big of a lump!)

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Did you ever receive the results from that biopsy?