Saturday, April 15, 2017

Prom dress adventures

Life lessons were learned this year on not delaying until the last minute to get a dress. The dance is on the 22nd. We looked at the first set of dresses on the 13th. Yep. 13th.

Here are a few dresses from our trip to Macon.

I like this one. I was told it's an old lady dress. Hum. I am old, so I guess that's why I like it. :)

She liked this one until there were negative comments from others saying they didn't like it. Sigh. Look at that smile :)

THIS is how she was feeling about the whole process. Ha!!

So. I was picking Robert up at the airport at 9 on Thursday (14th) so I told her we could go to the BIG malls there. Surely there would be more options there, right??

I had an appointment at 3 that started late so I was late headed to the house and we finally left town at close to 5. Yikes!! Two hours to the north side of town. Double yikes!!! Not a lot of time in the stores. Traffic is even worse than normal due to the fire collapsing the overpass, taking out a portion of I-85. BUT we pulled in at 6:30 - 6:45ish.

Of course parking is looking rough. I went down by Dillard's which also happens to be next to the Cheesecake Factory. BUT the parking Gods were shining on us and I pulled around the corner and there was a spot in the VERY front!!

Into Dillard's. Try on the first set:

The only one that made the photo cut. There was a cute two piece number in blue that had there been one in better shape and in her size would have been SUPER cute. Ok. No biggie. Off to Nordstrom.

VERY few dresses. This again is the only one to make the photo cut and only because she liked it. I didn't really like it. I didn't think it was as flattering as a dress could be for her. We had them hold it for us.
Off to Macy's.

Again only one that made the cut....
AND the dress that was chosen as "THE" dress. Yay!!! Prom dress found!'

By the way it's now 8:30 and we have to get Robert from the airport 45 minutes south...BUT my logic is that he checked luggage...that will take a few minutes more. We're fine!!

Our dinner consisted of carbs, carbs and more carbs. We got FIVE Cinnabon rolls. In our defense that was one each on the way home and one for the morning and one for Butch. Perfectly justifiable. Then we also got salty with Aunt Annie's Pretzel bites. Yeah, we are that bad!!

Off to get Robert!! Stop to get gas, pee and get drinks for the ride home!! Get to the airport in RECORD time. Get a text from him just as I'm walking into the gas station about hi just landing. Whoops. I'm still about 15 minutes out! Get there. No-one is at the airport hardly so I do the no-no and sit. Yeah. They moved me on just as we thought he would be coming out. The good/bad news? It took two more rounds before he came out. He chucked his stuff in the back, jumped in and off we went!! It was 9:45 by then!! Oh well. I ended up getting home at 11:45 and slept like a LOG

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