Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mammograms and a love/hate relationship with technology

Mammograms and a love/hate relationship with technology...does that say it all?  I was able to get off the six month visits after spending almost three years going every six months. This last span was a year since my last visit!!  Small victory, right?

Today's visit...yeah...two squishes both sides, sit and wait for the results...notified that the right breast is now back in rebel mode. Sigh. Two or three more squishes on right only....nope, not quite right...three more...yep.

Off to ultrasound. Do both boobs on ultrasound. Can't find the spot on the left to review. Tech goes out to find prior screens. Finds location, ultrasounds completed. Right breast, tech goes back out rather than searching. Location found, ultrasound done. Wait....comes back in and does more, marks spot.

Back to mammogram to squish two three more times to check the "spot". Tech verifies with the doc. All is well, get dressed. Talk to doc.

Good news and bad news. Good news, same old news "complex cysts" (they have irregular edges and debris in them -  kinda gross, eh!)

Yes, I love that technology exists to find breast cancer faster and relatively easy, but dang, my poor abused boobs!!


Linda Liebhardt said...

ouch. so sorry. I have cyst stuff, too. But they were teeny-tiny (like my boobs--ha!) and aspirated easily. And it's time for another since it's been a year since the last. I always postpone getting one after the reminder comes. I figure it buys me another 6 months or so. :-)

Linda Liebhardt said...

Oh, but I just re-read this. Short memory. I forgot I'd read it! What? And I'd even commented... I'm losin' it, Sister. But I wanted to comment further and say that I'll be the rough edges and debris in and on the cysts are because they have been MASHED AND SQUISHED SO MUCH. ha