Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Plants and a funny dad!!

So, your dad asks you
If you want a few amaryllis starts. Or say sure. Uhm, yeah a HUGE Krogers plastic bag full!! Well not to be rude and tell him NO WAY do I have room for all these, you find s spot (or four)

So the original place I thought of was behind the curve in the wall. OK they fit here but I had a half bag left....hummmm where to put them. Daisy plant I discovered was way to big for that spot anyway was relocated to a pot (once it gets a drain hole it will be put up by the hose reel). I need to replace the citronella (on the right edge of this shot) that did not survive the winter (lesson learned / they are NOT hearty). Note the wet ground. Yep it sprinkled on me while planting.

Ok either side of the monkey grass behind the grill will work!! Only one small spot of monkey grass needed to be relocated :)

Then off to take a few pictures :)

Such a pretty BRIGHT yellow!!

The first yellow was very pale...

And the new daisies are loving life. OK, only two of three but I'm hopeful :) (the red wasn't photo worthy !)


Linda Liebhardt said...

Such pretty flowers!

Linda Liebhardt said...

I want some of those bright yellow iris when you are dividing them next, please. I am willing to trade. :-)