Saturday, April 16, 2016


Amaryllis starting to bloom. There are a few more on the far side that aren't quite budding. Those are my pale ones.

A few new wave petunias.

A few old snapdragons from last year that came back beautifully

These are also from last year. They were in with my tomatoes for some color.

Day lilies

Thriving along the wall

Verbena gone wild. Too bad those down farther just never seem to make it :(

One of the few daisies surviving this year. It's too wet for them in this side. Although some of these are a few years old ... Hummm

Iris. Just ONE bud out there. Wonder what I need to do to encourage them??

And THIS is the price we pay for such lovely green spring. Pollen everywhere from the pines. Yuck. Time to wash the deck stuff off!!

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