Friday, March 18, 2016

10 weeks and 1 day to Angela's "Senior" trip

It's 10 weeks and 1 day until Angela's trip to Ireland/Scotland/England and how much to I have planned - well, not a lot.
I have the flight scheduled. 28th departure - 29th arrival into Dublin
The first hotel booked (in the HEART of Dublin)
The LAST hotel booked. Why, you ask? A 10am departure on June 11th will make you think twice about WHERE you are staying just before you bail out of town. We're staying a bit out of town but will have an airport shuttle (plus) so that we can get up at a good time of the morning - take a shuttle to the airport and be whisked back home after our whirlwind tour.

What are we seeing? So far all we have that is definite is:
Bath (to SEE the baths)
Cardiff to do the Dr. Who experience and look around.

See some castles along the way - see the Blarney stone if not KISS the blarney stone (the thought of kissing it along with THOUSANDS of others makes me ill)

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