Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New bed for Angie

Well we got the bed frame in today and wouldn't you know it, it was broken :( it was the corners of the headboard. Boo!!!!

I called the business immediately and walked through the steps and the replacement parts were ordered and should ship soon.

The good news is that the base, although in a more damaged box, was undamaged. So onto assembly!!

It got a little slap happy as it went into overtime. We were going on 3 hours to complete!!

We had a small break to go get dinner. That and I simply could NOT move the mattress to her room. Why?

See how THICK that mattress is? This will fix one issue we have with Liz's room as her bed was too tall and needed a step stool. The new mattress will go to Liz's room and make her bed a more "normal" height. Bonus!!

Angela is thrilled!!

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