Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Failures as a mom...birthdays and first day of school

First day of school pictures were a total bust. I left, the kid was still getting ready. I get home to pick her up for teeth cleaning appointment. And THIS is how I was greeted for pictures. Hum, yeah, she is 16 and such a joy at times. Sigh

She did look cute for her first day in her new outfit. First day as a Junior!!

Then day two I was trying to get another picture. Yeah, she overslept again. So no pictures. But it was her birthday! Happy 16th to Angie!!

Ah, there's my pretty girl!! Happy happy birthday to our birthday girl :)

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ebkjautrey said...

Happy Birthday! PLUS, that last picture shows yer face!! This is huge! We should put this down in history :)