Monday, May 25, 2015

Workin for the weekend

This weekend was a working weekend ;)

The Clampets go to Florida!

All loaded up!!

The garage is a little emptier..not much, but some. I have a few things to paint here them transport them down after they've been worked on.

We headed down to Florida to work on the house. The main goal was the quarter round. I did some odds and end stuff while Angela and Butch worked on the moulding. They were a good team with measurements.

I discovered cork contact paper. I'm in love :)

In all the drawers.

We also put the drawer pulls and knobs on the cabinets and they look great! The cabinet doors are all hung and looking good. They need a touch up on all of them. But they're looking great.

Sunday was to be my fishing trip:

Yeah, did not happen. Winds picked up overnight and it ended up being 9' waves at the buoy every 4 seconds. There were 4-6 foot rollers close to shore and where we were going was to be 6-8 foot waves. We had one sick just as we were headed out...and honestly, I was a little green, but not horrible thank goodness for the patch!!

So we came back in and I went to the house to work.

The shed is now clean(er)

And the shoe mould looks good!!

What happens when you ask a kid to check locks :)

I totally spaced taking pictures of the cabinet doors up and with hardware ;). Whoops, next time!!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

That's a big shed! And you prefer the British spelling of molding? I thought you were having some major mildew-type issues with all the "mould" going on. Ha. Cabinet pkctures, please... appliances too? What furniture have you taken down there? You are making great progress.