Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gardening in the rain...

I decided to get some mulch for the Iris today ...

All done! Looking good!!

Had enough to get the essentials in a few other beds like around theses new plants on the corner. The decorative garlic is a transplant from Sally and is loving it there!

And of course who can resist flowering annuals while shopping? NOT me. Below them are (centered) a transplant from Virginia that is to be a blood red Iris or Lily. I can't remember which. One of the gals from my old business area (Navy counterpart) gave everyone who wanted any clumps of these plants. This is year two after transplant and it's come up and done well both years but so far no blooms. There are a few bulbs on each side of the right side one that were almost killed in the locker. Hopeful they'll all survive however so far only two have made an appearance.

The daffodils have come and gone and the amaryllis are just now getting blooms on them. And the elephant ear aren't fat behind. I'm thinking of using the foreground for some pea cages this year.
And of course some petunias to add a touch of color on this side as well.

And I need about 10+ more bags of mulch. That was 6 bags and I forgot to take a picture of the bed by the garage as it also got some much needed mulch. As well as by the gate/pool equipment. That area just wasn't "pretty" so I opted to just not show you :)

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