Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day two.

Ok the original first row is now shoved under the cabinets. The load from last night is in the room AND the next and last load was loaded to the room.

And we are DONE moving tile!! That my dears is 86 boxes of tile. My backs gonna hurt tomorrow!!

And with the last few bags of thinset in as well. 15 bags, 86 boxes of tile. Sigh. It's nice to look at it IN the laundry and know we don't have to do that again.

And with that we opted to work in a gate mostly because I was starting to whine about it ;) so off to Lowes we went to get the gate kit.

And while waiting for Butch to get some stuff from Sally's house, I took the opportunity to take pictures of the camellia in the back yard. ;) The front had a white flowered bush.

And here is the start of the gate! I'm so excited that it's started!! Now to finish it and I'll be super stoked!!

And with that I think we shall wrap up this working weekend and be happy about it.

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