Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm in love

Let me say I'm not allowed to shop for the beach house ANY MORE!
No more!!
So why do I say this? Well I had gone to good will yesterday and found a cute green end table for $10 I couldn't pass it up. It will be perfect in one of the bedrooms.
So why this reaction today?

So cute!!!

So inexpensive!!! With five chairs I asked a nice guy in the store to help me pull it apart as there was a leaf function. I could feel the locks!

Turns out the leaf is missing BUT it has TWO drop leafs on either side! Yes you read that right! It shrinks down to two feet wide!! Perfect for a tiny beach house!!!

And he said "I can do better than that $49.99 and a tip for me" heck yeah!!

So into the car it goes!!

The car is FULL and you can see this is MOST of the table.

Oh and had I unpacked the day priors find? Nope! So it was relocated to the front along with two dumpster found plant stands!

Another road side find plant stand!

And a cute lamp to redo for the living room too!

Yeah I know I'm not even IN the house yet ;)

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Linda Liebhardt said...

Do you think that if it was a real Duncan PHYFE piece of furniture (as in antique, made by that furniture builder from the 1800's) they would have spelled his name right on the tag?