Monday, October 14, 2013

Laundry room revisited


Mom had asked today why did I buy the crock for the Oxiclean if I was just going to leave the bucket up there. Good point. I was waiting for the perfect "bucket" to use for garbage. Seems I had it outside this whole time! :)

Even a basket to gather pens and change in a lost and found setting.
Next up? Paint the rusting lid to the dryer. Wow. Didn't realize how much rust was there until I scrubbed it today! Wow. Time to paint it!!
And a little more:
You'll notice not all of the collapsible baskets are out now. Only two. One for reds and whites.

Here is where I tucked the others until needed. I probably should have hung them in full site for kids and husbands. However if all goes well we shall train then where their home is when not in use :)

I have one more plan for this room. The idea came from here
I have to see if mine needs one more coat of paint or not at this point.
I have to say I LOVE a separate laundry room with a door however the next house shall have one twice this size... And a big pantry.
A girl can dream can't she?

Not sure the real color can stay with they yellow. I think it clashes.

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