Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Oscar goes to....


Why, you ask; because she's been out of town all week on the whirlwind
tour of Washington DC with her Honors group. It's been quite around the
home front with a child who's driving and really doesn't require much
adult intervention at this part of her life. She's floating off towards
college and seems to be on a great trajectory. Angela on the other hand
came off the bus in tears; big blubbering tears, amidst complaints of "I
feel like I'm going to throw up". Why? This is all due to a "lost"
book, bookmark and hat. Were they all found? Yes, they were. Was all
well with the world? Yes. Were the tears still flowing ALL the way
home? Yes... Part of this is just from being worked up, I'm sure.
So, I guess she held it together all the way to town, then BOOOMMMMM it
all comes out. Fun, fun, fun. There were numerous complaints all the
way until I walked out the door of her not wanting to go to school...
ALL her pants were in the wash... she felt sick....

Welcome Back Angela - we missed you!!

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