Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raises... oh, my.

Well, they don’t happen as often as they used to, however, I got my ‘step’ increase (they are scheduled out in years – the higher the step in grade (pay scale) the less frequent you receive them (higher the pay the longer between steps). 
This is not to be confused with cost of living (yearly increase)– which we no longer receive and have not for about two plus years now.
Anyway.  I was surprised to see a step increase this year.  I hadn’t anticipated one, however was checking my leave statement to see what, if any, leave I have on the books (this was to go pay for/register the new car). 
There it was, low and behold, a pay raise.  What does this REALLY mean?  It was a whopping $46.89 more a check. 
Better than a poke in the nose, and I know it’s really much bigger than that when you multiply it across the 52 paychecks.  It does make a grand total of $2,000 more a year.  I know, I know it’s nothing to sneeze at.


Linda Liebhardt said...

ACHOO! What do you mean, nothing to sneeze at? I'd say $2,000 was worth an allergy attack. Since you were surprised by it, that makes it nicer still. Heck, I'm still surprised by ALL of my paychecks--we are finally to the point where it's not like, "Oh my, when is payday? When is Pay day? How much longer till pay day? I'm out of money, when do I get paid?" It is SUCH a BLESSING to not have that fretting feeling *all* the time. And when the pay notification comes to my email, I'm honestly surprised twice a month and go, "Oh! Cool! Money! Yay!" Such a contrast, and a very nice one at that. Count your blessings, Donna Dear.

Donna said...

Oh, I do. It means I can travel ;). Its a car rental for a day or two.