Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday update

I went up to see dad after his physical therapy yesterday. He had PT from 1-2.

We rolled on our to the garden area and shared a table with another nice man.

Dad really got some good Occupational Therapy from it because I made him deal all but one or two of his hands.

Shuffling us out and even dealing does present some good challenges for him on how to grab just one card. He was turning them on their side to see if it was just one and I kept accusing him of looking at my cards :) ha!

It was good memory and concentration work for him too working with numbers. I told him I would be nice as this was his first game back and wouldn't steal his points ;) all in all good "workout" for his brain but after an hour of physical therapy it tuckered him out. He caught my nibs point (didn't steal it) but missed only a few counts. So good practice in thinking skills.

Oh and he still skunked me so he's still sharp as a tack and chooses better card combos than me!

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