Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dad update

Dad could have been out of the "clink" on Tuesday the 25th, however left it up to the voting few who are driving to Macon a LOT... and we opted to listen to the physical therapist and have Dad stay a few more days to get him his best shot at rehabilitation AND five full days of therapy to boot.

You see, when he comes home, he goes from having therapy 5+ days a week to 3x a week.  So, there you go - he's getting MUCH more therapy this week by staying a few more days.  I think he's pretty well done with the place and is just there to "gain more strength" and confidence.

Dads main therapist, Gary, is determined to get him on a cane before he goes home... we shall see, we shall see.  Right now he's gaining a lot more dexterity in his left hand, I went out yesterday and he was playing cribbage with Robert - I hadn't played him in a week and you could see a huge difference in dealing the cards and handling the pegs.  Much improved, much improved.

So - other than that news, I have nothing.  I'm just in a funk... big funk.  sigh.  Need to drag myself out of it ... tomorrow... yeah, tomorrow I'll work on that!

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