Friday, May 4, 2012

Well That (WASNT) Easy...

Why yes, that was a serious play on Staples, because if Staples had such cute furniture, I would NOT have gone to Office Depot to order this.  To their defense, I did LOVE the style, and Butch even agreed that it was acceptable to replace one of our mostly useless console tables with a bookshelf. 
Why?  I have a lot of scrapbooks in the computer room that are both finished and unfinished that NO ONE knows exist.  So - it's time to put them into the living room where they will be looked at by someone - anyone?  The entertainment center overflows with 'other" things... so the option to get a bookshelf just seemed logical.  so, why the pun on Staples?  Well, I ordered this gem on 1 March. No, that's not a typo - MARCH.  I put the order in, 1 April, they unceremoniously cancelled my order.  What the???  I call, I ask "does this mean you won't be getting them back in?"  The answer was, "no they are just on back order"  absolutely NO one there could tell me just WHY they had cancelled my order.  Sigh, so I put it BACK on order the first part of April.  For those that don't know Butch is infamous for NOT picking out furniture for MONTHS.  He literally sold our living room furniture out of living room without anything picked out and we lived on camp chairs for three months before he would choose a set he liked.  Yes, months. 
So for this gem, I did NOT want to go shopping for another bookshelf again - and don't you know I was really thinking I was going to have to order it again this month :)  BUT it finally did arrive and here it is!
 there are black glass inserts that you will NEVER see on the first two shelves :)
 what we took out of the entertainment center... plus two more that were stuffed down beside it as well with photo albums.  Yes, the stack is 2 deep.  Sigh.


Linda Liebhardt said...

At least you have some finished scrapbooks. I still have scrap bags and scrap boxes--except for the few that Gail has made for me. Nice Bookcase.

Suzanne said...

Ditto to Lindas comment. :)