Monday, April 2, 2012

Potty Talk... and women's clothing

Ok, I have a few complaints today… one of which is women’s clothing…
Why the H*LL don’t them come with POCKETs.  I mean really, yes, I’m fat… yes, I like comfortable clothing, but come ON – pockets should be a given.  Decent pockets… ones that would hold, say a CELL PHONE.
I mean really.
What brings this on?
Well, for the first time ever I dropped my phone in the potty… no, I’m not talking on the floor, which would have been gross, but acceptable.  I’m talking a nice SPLASH.  The great thing is that I was in the bathroom with the auto flush, so I escaped the really gaggy option of dirty water… but still – GAG!!  Why/how did I drop my phone?  I needed to blow my nose after the fact, so had tucked my phone into the optional pocket we all know and love – my bra… bent over to get some toilet paper and tumble, SPLASH, there went my phone!!!!  GAG.
Ok, I do have an Otter Box on my phone, but it’s NOT water proof… it did, however keep water from getting too much of the phone with exception of speakers and microphone.  Sigh… there was a VERY little bit of water inside the case.  I did rescue it quickly, drop it onto some paper towels and come back to my cubicle to tear down, wipe down with baby wipes, another thing I am SO grateful for today – the wisdom to have not taken out my baby wipes from my recent flights (*they are wonderful for quick clean up in airports)… sigh.
So, phone is cleaned and appears to be none the worse for wear… but ewh, gag and double ewh!!!
Tighter bra’s or only purchase pants with POCKETs from now on!!

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