Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wednesday wanderings

On our way to Atlanta last Wednesday (15th) for Mom’s dermatologist appointment at Emory she read me a number of articles.  One was in regards to IKEA:   http://www.deseretnews.com/article/700220506/Trapped-by-IKEA-How-retail-space-makes-you-buy-more.html?s_cid=s10

The author likens going to IKEA to “…hunting in a jungle.”  They designed the store to keep you “lost” and disoriented and forced to focus on the actual content of the store.  It’s so true.  If you have never been in an IKEA, it’s like being continually  lost looking for your way out.  It’s a maze of stuff, stuff and more stuff.  There is a lot of talk about how retail stores will place things in certain areas of the store most designed to snare the customers; with IKEA:  “They snare you by losing you,” he said.  “So you are lost and you can’t get away except by walking through the whole thing, by which time you’ve picked up all these impulse purchases.”

So, I took that challenge!  Not because I really wanted the challenge, I enjoy “submitting” to the experience, however, we arrived at IKEA at 9:30 to find the store would not open until 10:00 and Mom’s appointment was at 11:20.  Our time was limited.  I gave us ½ hour to get in and out – scary time limit if you know IKEA.  I was up for it!  I wanted to look at book shelves.  Mom wanted chair pads.  And off we went!  We were successful on all accounts.  I looked at the bookshelves.  Nothing that impressive, so we passed on those and went in search of the chair pads.  We stopped and drooled over the carpets and made our way down to the chair pads.  We escaped with two chair pads and NO chocolate… and well within our ½ hour time frame – yeah us!!  Now I have to admit I did go and look at the scratch and dent section as well, to which nothing tempted me. Too awfully much J

Then off to Mom’s appointment for her finger and a biopsy.  Poor mom bled and bled.  To her defense she did warn them about her baby aspirin a day – they went ahead with the biopsy.  So, now she waits for the results.  We opted for lunch and went to the Vortex.  They are famous for their hamburgers: http://www.thevortexbarandgrill.com/   Had I been to that website before going there I would have been a bit more prepared for the crazy décor and very interesting place that it was.  It was surprisingly tiny inside.  I don’t think on a good night it could hold more than 100 if that… very small.  The burgers however were very good.  Now the sad thing?  They compare to our hometown burger from Mike’s Burgers and Dogs.  Yep, it’s true.  Now we didn’t get anything special, just a plain old burger.  I’m sure the more exotic burgers could put ours to shame, but for a normal every day burger… this was good. 

I got to go to the Junkman’s Daughter which was to be a second hand store, but turned out to be a freak show as well.  Yes, we were in Bohemia central.  So – we left.  Mom wasn’t up to much after that, so we made our way home stopping off at AAA, Dollar Tree and Kroger on the way home.  Not too much adventure for a day, but still a great trip – sans the hole in mom’s finger L


Linda Liebhardt said...

I had a 20 minute IKEA experience last year on my way home from ULA. Gail wanted me to get her some bowls, both plastic and glass. So, I found those, found the $5 wok I wanted to buy IF I happened to see it, and I got finger puppets. In and out in 20 minutes. Record. We did hustle and impressed the lady we left in the car. :-)

Donna said...

Glad to see someone else in the family up to the challenge :D