Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a few days into the new year and what have *I* been up to?

Lot's - I joined a de-cluttering group and started on the "to do" list for this week.  All in the kitchen.  I skipped around a bit, but the list was:
Sunday, 1 January: Think about who you want to be in this coming year. 
  • how about just sane??
Monday, 2 January: Set up a donation station.
  • it's called my garage and I tote it to the thrift store when I can!)
Tuesday, 3 January: De-clutter the top of your kitchen cabinets and dust.
  • I don't have this - they go to the ceiling
Wednesday, 4 January: Declutter the top shelf of ONE of your kitchen cabinets.
  • OK, I started here - in my spice cabinet... so I went ahead with tomorrows goal too!
Thursday, 5 January: Go through your spices and discard expired and old ones.
  • Done - oldest one found was 2001 - not bad since McCormick came out with a website a few years back to tell you the age of your spices based on the address... some of mine were 10 years - yes, YEARS old at that time.  Not much better this time, but in my defense they were just peppercorns!
Friday, 6 January: Put all of your canned goods together in one place.
  • wouldn't you know it I just bought a can organizer just before Christmas, so this is done too :)  Yeah me!!
Saturday, 7 January: Go through your freezer to let go of old, freezer burned food.

this one will be my challenge, I have already gone to WalMart and picked up freezer baskets to assist in this effort... I'm going to need all the help I can get to put the BIG freezer in order!!  It will have to be by year of fish, then type of fish... fun, fun, fun.  NOT!  Wish me luck!!

So instead of doing THAT tonight, what am I doing?  Playing on the computer, surfing sights and finding cute vinyl to cut for the house...

should have done this one on a MUCH bigger scale, but I did plan it for a different wall, but was shot down :o(

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Linda Liebhardt said...

What wall did YOU want it on??