Saturday, September 17, 2011


OK, off to Utah!!

I got there on Thursday afternoon and we were able to go to Provo to see Sarah play in her volley ball game.  Regretfully, they lost.  After the fact we found out that they were playing varsity players against Sarah's JV team. That doesn't seem right,now does it?  I think it was even their first game.

We stayed in a condo at Park City this year and it was so nice just to sit and visit and gab!
Linda and Gail met up with us that night and drove out to the condo where we set up "house" and visited!

Friday we snuck out and went to the expo - I think this is officially the LEAST time we have ever spent at an expo, however I was determined to just scrap and NOT buy... I did have to buy a little to get me through a 2nd book, however, I did just sit and scrap for the most part and finished two, yes TWO Christmas presents.
 because of the nature of the present, I can just show you the STACK of photos I was working with the cull through and choose the photo's for the projects.  I think they turned out really cute! 
Our typical huge spread of tools and things :)
 WHO can resist a purple cow?  NOT us!!

Saturday Robert, Sarah, Linda and I went to Park City to play a while!  This is Sarah and Linda waiting in line to get on the zip line.  I didn't want to go because if you're too heavy, you won't make it to the bottom and will have to swing your way to the end... I just didn't want to be mortified like that, thanks!!
 playing with the zoom on the camera I had just bought!

They were really THIS far away... however zoomed, they were CLOSE!! 

you can see Linda in the above shot just hanging down in the air!  Fun!! 
 And here they come!!!
 closer and closer!

 Sarah zipping past!
 gotta love this gal's outfit behind Rob - ha!!

Next it was off to the alpine coaster... this is all gravity - and you go up above to where the zip line starts and zooom down the hill - here are shots heading UP the hill - none going down!  I have to admit I did put on the breaks a few times!!

Next up was the slide - Rob and Linda riding the lift to the top!  She has the picture of all of us, so you'll have to check her blog for it :)

Later that night - the dedicated scrappers (I was NOT one of them!)
Gail, Britney and Janet

The Bogglers :)
As always it was a wonderful time - we really do enjoy this time of year.  We even got to go hot tubing one afternoon as well.  Ah, the life!

Next year we're talking about doing a Creative Memory retreat... for a change of pace, so if you hear of one, let us know!


Suzanne said...

Wow, those pictures of the expo really bring back memories. How I wish I was into scrapping still. I have enough paper and supplies to last me years and even though I haven't scrapped in years I can't seem to let go of them. What a waste!
That was the first zip line I have ever seen with a seat. Very interesting! And I don't blame you for not going if there was a chance of not making it all the way down. Yikes! I wouldn't do it either! But those things are a blast. Love 'em!
Now the Boggle gang looks fun! I'd be all over that! :)

Nat said...

Gosh, I'm so jealous of you!!! Give me 10 years and I'll soooo be doing that again.

And have you heard of scrapbook cruises? that sounds like tons of fun.

or creative escape. that one is put on by heidi swapp and crew (but it is pretty expensive).

i googled and found this:

and always has some really cool stuff too!