Friday, August 26, 2011

Put a fork in me...

I’m done…  as in – “put a fork in me, I’m done”

I was doing well until yesterday… then it was the beginning of football season (did you hear the crescendo in the music?)  Yes, that means that I’m in Concessions again.  The first night was last night – not thrilled with Thursday night games AT ALL.  I’m dragging bootie this morning.  I think I spent 6 hours between taking Liz to the game, getting to the concession stand, getting things set up and organized for the first game…. And having said first game against a rival in the next town didn’t help as we had a lot of folks in the stands to support their team!  Ah, well, made the night go fast if nothing else!

Our team stocked and cleaned as we went, so we were able to get out of there before the game was over – 99% of the food was sold out and folks had stopped coming in. The downside to Liz not getting her license yet?  I had to then go to the school and wait for her – I could have gone home, but really?  Just to get comfortable then have to go back and get her, not really thinking it would be best… zzzz ha!  So just under and hour was driving to the Hight School and waiting for the busses to get back and kids to file out… and Lucky Liz had Theatre cleanup – that’s where they meet before and after the games, so I’m sure it was a bit trashed…so it took longer than it will on the next Thursday game.

Angela was “honored” to be placed in the football band this year.  It’s typically reserved for 8th grade and only those 7th graders good enough to be “honored” to be in it.. why the quotes?  Ha!  I don’t see it as an honor.  It’s more work, less time for homework and a lot of work.  However, Angela does see it as such, so I’m trying my best to put on a smiling face and support it.  Sigh.  Her first game was Wednesday – yes mid week – however, I was sooo glad it didn’t conflict with High School games.  That could have been a fiasco and the first thing I checked was the schedule for conflicts as I simply can’t be in two places at once!  Good news?  They don’t conflict.  Bad news?  They don’t conflict – ha!  They’re always on Wednesdays.  Oh, this could be fun.  The child who’s strugging with some classes will now miss a night of homework mid week.  Hum…. Yes, she’s “honored.”

Other than that, the week has been full of painting and doing projects.  The primary project being a daybed that Angela has been dying for (begging for) is still in the works, and almost finished.  If I’m really lucky and don’t sleep all weekend, will get done and posted J  I did finish one project Wednesday that will be posted shortly as well… so it’s not like the week was a total loss and spent doing Kids stuff, but it was close. 

Oh, and an update on the “breakage” at the house for those who know about it all.  I had the pool pump go out on Sunday the 14th of August – just quit working with a poof of smoke – literally.  I heard a funny noise and thought “oh, they must be using the log splitter next door” and went to the kitchen for a snack.  When I looked at the pool through the window, I noted that the fountain wasn’t working.  It’s not a typical thing for me to have the blinds open, so very lucky they were open.  I had this thought of “OH NO” I had a thought of what that noise was now.  Yes, you’re correct - not the neighbors after all.  Sigh.  So I dashed out, saw a bit of smoke, pulled open the switch and turned it off.  Smoke in both the motor and the switch – fun.  Sigh.  Then Tuesday the house is again getting tooo hot to handle and I keep insisting that there is somethings wrong with the A/C and being told it’s just a heat pump, they can’t keep up with super high heat.  It’s 84 in the house and only 95 – 98 outside.  Yeah, something is wrong with the HOUSE A/C.  Sigh.  I’m hot and miserable and have to go take Liz to band practice and my Car A/C isn’t working either – nada, nothing.  What the CRAP??  I’m Not happy about any of this and seeing dollar signs at every turn!

So – Wednesday is the “fix it” day for the pool pump.  We opted to replace the whole motor with a quiet one.  $600, but on the plus side the guy who did the work did more than promised for the same price quoted.  Can’t beat that – he took care of some stupidity from the installer where they put the Polaris feed line before the filter – so our poor Polaris would always get gunk in it and clog from time to time.  So, now that is fixed.  Wednesday I also got my car A/C fixed to the tune of $288.  The house A/C was on the “can’t convince husband it’s really broken” mode still. After another weekend where the temps soared in the house to the low to mid 80’s everyone’s on board and the house A/C gets fixed.  Twice to the tune of $390.  Yes, you’re correct… we’re now broke.  Sigh.  The good news?  We should be good on these things for another 5 to 9 years.

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