Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ok, so here I am in Indianapolis...still wondering if there really IS anything to DO here. I have been to the mall around the corner. A nice 4 story one. there is a theatre there, so I could go to a movie there. Maybe I will - tonight I am going to Bub's Burger made famous by Man vs. Food from the food network. The one who loves challenges isn't interested in going to this place, but I'm going to go with some of the others and see what it's all about because TDY = FOOD for us :) Not sure that's a good thing, but when out and about might as well get some good grub out of it right? Last night was Ruth Chris Steak House... $$$ but oh, so good!
I chose to go computer less this trip and do ipad only - I may regret that choice as no photo's can be uploaded until later. May not be much photo worthy here either way - time will tell. This is night #2 and just getting into the swing of things with all in attendance.

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