Monday, April 18, 2011

Liz Birthday #2

Cake #2 - Southern Charm Catering did an awsome job with the death of Lizzies childhood. 
 Liz got to "bite" many a person today!  :o)  Paige was bitten!
 Lizzie is really infectect at this point...
 infecting Paige some more!
 Kayla was bitten too!  And proud of it!
 OMG, the teeth are starting to go now... (Paige and Angela)

 Bucket 'o Guts - yes, she does have a weird sense of humor :o)
 Mom - aka Grandma threw down the gauntlet that at my age I would NOT be able to skate.. that she thought she could too until she threw on the skates and found out that she had LOST that tallent.  Guess what - so have I!  That is one heck of rug burn on my knee.  OUCH!
 Bailey was fully infected when she got to the party... she had a rough time getting there, it would appear!
 They really tore into her :o)
 Round and round we go!

 Eating Pizza - note that very few got into the whole gore thing of the zombie aspect.  bummer... mabye for Halloween?

 Enjoying her guts...
Maybe a little too well?

 couldn't resist sneaking up on the little ones putting on more makeup!
 Rough night girls?  Ha!
 wipe out!
 Not quite so Zombie-ish!
 Lizzie cutting her head off... er... cutting the cake!
 Just for giggles, I had them make it in red velvet :o)  Need a bit more "yuck" factor!
Let the presents begin!
Quite a few 16 dollars for 16 years type of cute home made cards!

 Liz has wanted this jacket from Think for a LONG time... so I got it for her... what are birthdays for if not to get the hoodie you're always drooling over?  Zombie heaven - thus the theme for her party...
 Hugs and thank yous all around!
For NOT wanting this party, for finding out from someone that they couldn't make it to her SURPRISE party on Friday... for grumbling so much.  I think she had a really good time!!


Linda Liebhardt said...

LOVE the cake! So (morbidly) cute, and looks yummy, too ;-)
Sorry for your owee, Donna. But I could still skate (Roller Blade) when I was your age. hee hee. Not making any bets at this point in time...

Donna said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, rub it in … I thought I could skate and I didn’t crash and burn for the next few minutes… but I also was NOT steady on my feet either… I have NO balance any longer. Guess that’s just cause I’m out of shape (although ROUND is a shape)