Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last years goals for 2011 - and where it all ended by the close of the year.

• Tile in the kitchen back splash
• Paint the kitchen (OK, these have to go in order – tile first – THEN paint)
**DONE - doing a happy dance - painted on New Years eve, but DONE!
• Master bathroom
• Paint the ceiling with the new ceiling paint I just purchased
• Paint the walls to match the brown in the potty room.  
**DONE on all accounts!!
• Have the living room painted (by someone else)
• I would LOVE to get some crown molding put up at the same time….
**not done....
• Trees:
**DONE, however no happy dance here as the drought and lack of water took care of this goal and it will have to be revisited in the future....
• Call the dentist… I need to have a tooth worked on
• Install screen door
**DONE - Thanks to Butch!
• Paint the front door frame
• Sprinklers:
**Not Done

THAT is a LOT of green... I feel good about last year.  Goals were met...
What are my GOALS for 2012?
OK, in writing again!!
  • Back door needs to be fixed near the garage - fix it and then have it vinyl clad to avoid future rot!
  • Sprinklers - yes, we HAVE to add this back on there
    • Revisit tree solution - as sickening as that is to say
    • plant flower beds to the north side of the pool
  • Transfer the lovely Wisteria vine dad has for me to my arbor THIS spring.. just before the thaw and the roots start growing...
  • get the rest of the house organized with the group
    • get the craft room up to snuff (scary statement)
Bigger goals that really will get done in time, is travel more - stretch my legs in different directions a bit.  That one is a personal goal.  I am taking Liz to Italy and for the first time ever I am scared to travel abroad.  It has been way too long and my adventure level is really lagging with age.  I used to be easy going, jump on a plane, figure it out when I get there... now?  Scared spit-less - time to break out of the comfort zone and get back out there... time to travel and see the world.

First up - Leslie in UAE.  I can NOT wait!!!!
I'm excited to share this with Leslie as she's a kindred free spirit.   I can't wait to see a part of the world I have never experienced before.  I'm excited that when I go for the gusto I won't break tradition and seek out the furthest place on EARTH I could go to start my travels again ;)  First time I traveled outside of the states ever, I went to Australia - why break tradition?

So there you have it...What are your goals for this year?

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