Friday, February 25, 2011

Charleston South Carolina - Winter Break Escape!!

 The first plantation stop would have been missed if not for the need of a potty stop - it is RIGHT off the highway going up highway 17 and according to google, doesn't exist.  Weird.  Anyway it was right off the highway and more of a gift shop than a true plantation.. but still very pretty and neat to go into the house and see most of the rooms.
 As is typical this is a "girls" trip and here are the girls :o)
 This is a A joggling or jostling board there is a large workup in wikipedia on it.  Interesting and the first one we saw of MANY over the weekend :o)

Just a nice view inside the tree - as seen below with ME in the picture (thanks mom for letting the world know I went too)
 I do love the HUGE live oaks all over the southeastern seaboard... I wonder why the don't grow with long low limbs like that out here?  maybe they just didn't plant them out here?
 the view from our hotel - the standing joke is "the tides out" or in... I love tides and grass... not sure why, I just do.  I get a kick out of the tide raising and lowering.  That's charleston that you see in the distance
 Day 1 - our first tour.  We managed to see a LOT of the town this way... and figured out where we wanted to go from there :o)

 On the sea wall overlooking James Island.

 What we didn't know was that the Southeast Wildlife Expo was in town and is every Presidents day weekend - lesson learned there - this is NOT a presidents day weekend destination :o)  if you wanted more info~!

We went BACK to battery park (sea wall photo above is right next to this...) to CLIMB trees!  This is something you can NOT do in most places with the long low limbs, however, we had seen a few folks parked their bikes in the park and hung hammocks from the limbs, so fair game in my books!! 

 Angela opted to try for the lower tree.. she's not as adventurous as Liz is when it comes to putting herself in danger on limbs... she didn't get very far.  There are a couple of teenagers trying this same tree... one was farther up when I took a few of these shots - just out of range.  one was WAY in the middle of the tree.  Liz didn't get quite that far.

 gratuitous cannon shot, then we went back to the car to drive back through town and check out the "doc dogs" - however we found out the hard way that NO ONE wanted to go... I thought they wanted to go, they thought I wanted to go.  Ha!  We didn't go see the dogs, we stayed in the park to watch the sunset - per Angela's request.  So we got turned around and on the main road you can see in the background above and parked again... however, this time Mom would be able to watch the sunset from the warmth of the car :o)

 I debated putting this one in here... self portrait and a typical kid shot.. It's just so US...

Day two since we opted out of the Doc Dogs, we headed to Magnolia plantations ( to supposedly take a boat tour of the swamps and bird preserves.  we were about a month too early and it's still considered winter and the boat is NOT open yet - bummer!  So we took the cart tour instead - still just as nice, but a bit chilly on the long runs...  And of course the petting zoo was a hit with the girls.  Rightly so if you can feed a bunny AND and albino peacock :o)

 On the walking tour around the house. 

 this looks out toward the river in the distance...just past the little line of trees that had a small land bridge by the river... nice peaceful walk with some of the trees just coming into bloom.. you'll see that a little farther down...

 Relaxing on the DOUBLE size porch overlooking the grounds... very nice!!

 This is a well published bridge... been in a lot of southern magazines.. have you noted that Liz isn't in any of these shots?  She went off on her own on the hiking path.. we seriously thought we had lost her for a bit there... she was about 1/2 mile away at the most... but had to RUN back to the house through the maze of trails to find us...
 speaking of mazes...this is a large hedge (topiary?) maze :o)
 on the cart headed out to the swamps and old rice's a little breezy and slightly chilly, but not bad...

 Even the gators were sunning along with the turtles :o)
Old slave cabins.
 Spanish moss and low limbs...
 The house... beautiful, isn't it?
 So... after the plantation, we went to the outlet mall to shop a bit.  Found just a few things for the girls (tanks and Rue)... then went for a drive over the north side of Charleston, down to the island there.  Looked at all the ocean front homes and drooled.  Then headed back through Charleston and out the other side to Folly beach.  This is where the girls are right now... on the playground at Folly.  they went out on the beach itself to get some shells and such... then we went to a nice dinner at a sea side shack.  Good food...


Linda Liebhardt said...

Oh, yea! Thanks for posting all the fun pictures with narrative. Some of the mansions remind me of Savannah. Pretty, pretty place. It's on MY list now! And Gail's. She wanted to go with you as soon as she heard you were going.

Anonymous said...

It was ok for a one time trip. I wouldnt go again :o/

Gail said...

I have actually been to Charleston and I really liked it. Wouldn't mind going again though.